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Psychedelic Survey is a collaborative research platform powering today's groundbreaking psychedelic research by giving people around the world the ability to help the science by contributing their own meaningful experiences.


Psychedelic Science has the potential to change the world, and even more importantly the ability to help and save lives. With such potential, it is our duty to help in any way we can. This is the single most important reason why Psychedelic Survey platform came to be.


Collaboration is an important key for change. Psychedelic Survey was build with the vision of connecting people from all over the world with the leading psychedelic scientists, in a beautiful collaboration for stronger and better research, and a brighter future.


Technology has become a part of our everyday life and a crucial part of every research field today. Utilising the powers of innovative technologies, Psychedelic Survey provides a fast, reliable and effective tool for both the scientists and contributor.

Psychedelic Studies

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